me (with camera) and a hawksbill turtle (with satellite transmitter) in Nicaragua

In addition to research and outreach (i.e. my job), I stay busy by serving in several other professional capacities, including supervisory duties, reviewer and editor for peer-reviewed publications, and providing technical oversight for partners.

IUCN Red List Focal Point, Co-Chair, Burning Issues Working Group, and Regional Co-Vice Chair, Eastern Pacific Region (2008-2013), and  IUCN-Marine Turtle Specialist Group

Marine Conservation Action Fund advisory panel (see NY Times article about MCAF)

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, the State of the World’s Sea Turtles (SWOT) Report

Scientific Advisory Board, Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias

Sectorial Member, Consultative Committee of Experts, Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles

Associate Editor, Marine Biology (2014-2016)

Associate Editor, Chelonian Conservation and Biology (2012-2014)

Review Editor, Endangered Species Research

Reviewer for peer-reviewed journals (30 total): Advances in Marine Biology, Biological Conservation, Biology Letters, Canadian Journal of Zoology, Chelonian Conservation and Biology, Ciencias Marinas, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Conservation Biology, Copeia, Ecological Applications, Endangered Species Research, Fish and Fisheries, Fisheries Bulletin, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, Functional Ecology, Herpetological Journal, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Journal of Experimental Biology, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Journal of Herpetology, Journal of Marine Biological Association of the UK, Journal of Zoology, Marine Biology, Marine Ecology Progress Series, Marine Turtle Newsletter, Nature: Scientific Reports, PLoS ONE, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Science

Supervisor, SWOT database manager / OBIS-SEAMAP geospatial analyst

Expert reviewer, Division of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada, Species At Risk review of critical habitats and threats assessments to leatherback turtles

Coordinator, Sea Turtle Network, CI-Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape, 2007-2012

Committee member, Masters student at Universidad Autónoma de Costa Rica (Graduated June 2011)

Co-supervisor, a Masters student at Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne (Graduated 2009)

Supervisor, summer interns (2008 and 2009) on sea turtle management unit design and conservation priority setting work

Board of Directors, International Sea Turtle Society (2013)

Program Co-Chair, International Sea Turtle Symposium, 2011

US & Canada Regional Travel Chair, International Sea Turtle Society, 2007-2011

Session Co-chair, International Symposium on Sea Turtle Conservation and Biology,  2007-2012

Session chair, Complementary Symposium EcoPhysiology and Conservation: The Contributions of Energetics. Annual Meeting of the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology, Orlando, FL, January 2006.


Consultant for children’s book: Supersize! Leatherback turtle: the world’s heaviest reptile, by Kristen Hall, Bearport Publishing, New York.

Co-organizer, The Great Turtle Race: Canada to the Caribbean, April 2009 (, co-organized by National Geographic with field partner Canadian Sea Turtle Network

Consultant for The Great Turtle Race, April 2007

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