research | fisheries bycatch

(c) Projeto TAMAR – Image Bank

fisheries bycatch of sea turtles, marine mammals, and seabirds

Incidental capture of non-target species in fishing gear, or bycatch, is an threat to many populations of marine megafauna. Understanding where, when, and to what extent bycatch occurs is key to addressing the most pressing conservation issues and to recovering reduced populations of animals like sea turtles, marine mammals, and seabirds.


Global hotspots of marine megafauna bycatch

Global bycatch impacts on marine turtle populations (see related media coverage)

Cumulative estimates of marine turtle bycatch in USA fisheries (see related media coverage)

Global patterns of marine turtle bycatch (see related media coverage)

Reproductive values of loggerheads in bycatch worldwide

Marine megafauna conservation via bycatch mitigation

Megafauna bycatch in USA fisheries

Review of global sea turtle bycatch research

Fisheries bycatch of leatherback turtles

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