research | bioenergetics

energy budgets, metabolism, thermoregulation

Much like your bank accounts, animals have things that they have to ‘pay’ for just to stay alive (e.g. breathing, organ function) and other things that they will pay for if they have some ‘savings’ (e.g. growth, reproduction). Instead of money, the currency that animals have to ‘pay and save’ is energy. How animals acquire, assimilate and allocate energy is central to their life history and population dynamics. My research has dealt with the influences on animal energy budgets ranging from physiological to environmental factors.


critical habitats for migratory species: the leatherback bioenergetics perspective

leatherback physiological ecology and its implications for population dynamics

why leatherbacks vary globally

what makes marine turtles go: a review of metabolic rates and their consequences

resource limitation of eastern Pacific leatherbacks

bioenergetics and diving activity of leatherbacks

critique of ‘Metabolic Theory of Ecology’

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