me with knut schmidt-nielsen and his famous camel. duke univ, durham, nc, usa

My research involves the application of insights from animal ecophysiology to pertinent conservation issues.  My research focus has been on how the interactions between organisms and physical and biological conditions of their environments affect their physiology, ecology, and life history, and how these interactions can inform sound management strategies.

My primary study subjects in recent years have been marine megafauna, specifically sea turtles. Sea turtles are ‘flagship’ species for marine ecosystems because turtles’ responses to changes in their environments provide important insights for the health and function of the world’s oceans. In addition, sea turtles are charismatic animals that effectively engage public interest in marine conservation.

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Check the links below to find out more about my research in the following areas:

geographic variation in sea turtle populations and global priorities for conservation

fisheries bycatch of marine megafauna

trophic ecology of sea turtles using stable isotopes

at-sea behavior, movements, and physiology

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