about me


I was a nerdy kid who loved animals from the earliest I can remember. From the time I could read, I devoured Zoobooks magazines, Time/Life classics about wildlife, and even Jacques Cousteau’s books.

The older I got, the more I wanted to know and do. I guess that’s why I became a scientist, so I could work with animals for a living and figure out the best way to keep them around for my kids and grandkids to know and love, too.

My current job is as the Senior Scientist with Conservation Science Partners, Inc.

I live in Boulder, CO, with my marvelous partner, Jessica, our kids, Leander and Selma, and our dog, Sancho.

Follow the links for more information on my research and outreach work, and more…

For more info, please contact me using any option below.

e: bryanpwallace@gmail.com


w: https://bryanwallace.wordpress.com

skype: bryanwallace

twitter: bryanpwallace

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/bryan-wallace/51/575/497

click here to download my CV

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